Trey songz dating lauren london dating carlisle pa

After spending months beating around the bush and denying anything beyond a friendship, Trey Songz finally let he cat out of the bag and admitted that Weezy babymama-banger Lauren London’s neighbors probably know his name.

Trey recently sat down with Sana G And Miss Kimmie Of 106KMEL and got pretty personal about Lauren London, his recently engaged ex boo-thang Helen, and a whole lot more. “I’m happy for her, we haven’t been together in 3 years.

Manny’s cousin, Rodrigo worked at the studio as a carpenter. “The fridge needs to be stocked with bottled water and juice and there should be a bowl of fresh fruit on the table.” “Yeah, yeah, it’s all ready to go,” said Manny. ” “These are very important guests we’re having, you two idiots,” the tall blonde woman snapped. ” “It is very inappropriate and very disrespectful! Even the best-looking girl in his hometown would be considered a mutt beside all the California girls. Tell security you’re delivering some building supplies. ” “What if those pieces of shit at the security gate want to see in the van? “That would mean they’d have to get off their asses and do something. She hit me up and let me know before it came out, and I told her I was happy for her.She said, “I’m engaged,” and I was like “Wow, congratulations.” Our relationship; we cool. We are great friends and, yes we have been lovers before.I have a lot of love for her, a lot of love for her family, and if she’s happy with a man who can do for her what I couldn’t then, that’s what she deserves.” “Three; no more than three. You know, when you put yourself in a situation like that, you gotta make sure everybody feels special. And I’m saying this right now cause I’m tired of people asking me about that sh**.” “Well, I’m really a pleaser so, it’s whatever position makes you (the woman that I’m with) most happy.You put too many people in that situation, then you lose out.” “I’m gonna say this right now, Lauren London is a very important person to me. If it’s your favorite, then it’s my favorite; I want it to be what you want it to be. I mean, if you got a lotta a**, I wanna be behind it…she’s small I might wanna pick her up.

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