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It's like I'm back in 4th grade - I totally have that schoolgirl type of crush. We were in a LDR for a year or so, and whenever I saw him (every 2-3 months) I would get super nervous and giddy.Now that we're living together, I wouldn't say I get butterflies but it's definitely awesome to see him everyday :)I'm now married and live full time with him but any time I've spent away from him I get giddy knowing I'm seeing him soon on the drive back.

–nance Not looking for hook-ups (though flattering) nor guys with strange fetishes like moles (body or the live-animal kind...) Don't need to know about your size or what you'd do to me with it... Do you have a positive outlook on life and see potential in people?

Honestly it feels like that every time I see him still and we've been together well over a year and a half.

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I've met a few crazies already (including one swearing at me in French about cheese curds).

I am in awe of (read: turned on by) guys w/ a sense of initiative, positive & compassionate.

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Every 2 weeks I need to drive almost an hour away to go to my prenatal appointments (high risk pregnancy and only doctors qualified to take care of me are an hour away).

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