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See more » At the second day in the Hamptons, when Erica, Harry, and Merin are shopping for groceries, Erica stands before a counter that has display containing copies of: "Food & Wine" on it, the display magically disappears/reappears between shots.See more » Diane Keaton gives the performance of her career in ' Something's Gotta Give,' writer/director Nancy Meyers' smart and savvy take on middle-age romance.Nicholson is, however, only one half of this extraordinary couple.As the other half, Keaton, having been handed what is clearly the role of a lifetime, has never seemed so natural and self-assured on screen.Thus, unlike in the vast majority of romantic comedies, which are clearly geared to the younger generation, the lovers here have a depth not often encountered when the focus is on two inexperienced neophytes.It takes the experience that comes from living to make a person interesting, after all.Thanks to the quality of the writing and the performances, ' Something's Gotta Give' takes its place among the great romantic comedy/dramas like ' Two For the Road,' ' Annie Hall,' ' When Harry Met Sally' and ' The American President.' That's mighty august company indeed.

Because both Erica and Harry have been around the block a few times, they bring a lifetime of baggage to their burgeoning attachment.She makes of the character a capable, no-nonsense woman who has allowed her passions to lie dormant far too long.Though, on the surface, she appears confident and in control of her life, Erica is, underneath it all, a woman wounded by past experience and intimidated by a culture that expects women to be put out to pasture the moment they reach middle age.Despite their diametrically opposed outlooks on love and romance, Erica and Harry spend quality time together, discover their ultimate compatibility, and eventually fall in love.Meyers has written a witty, sophisticated screenplay that offers insights into any number of 'battle of the sexes' issues.

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