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Many databases have "autonumber" fields that automatically assign a unique value to the record that can be used as a key. You can also manually assign them if you can find a way to guarantee that the value is always unique.

Globally unique identifiers (GUID) are one alternative that provide an identifier that is unique both in the current database and across the universe of all possible databases (the algorithm uses some combination of MAC address, timestamp, and who knows what else to generate a 128-bit value which is then magically compressed into 35 characters).

If you are using a date/time field, you may have to format your output.

You can enter dates and/or times in a database in either a text field or a date/time field.

Once that initial step has been taken, there are plenty of additional pieces of functionality to add.

This week, we'll focus on data entry, specifically adding data to the PIM.

This week we've dug a little deeper into using Cold Fusion to add data to a database as well as the browsing that we've already covered. We'll cover that in the next column (that's already in your lovely editor's hands at this time) and follow-up by covering deleting records and how to put the whole shebang together into a single unified Cold Fusion application.

If you've done any Web database work, you're probably used to creating HTML forms for data entry and some tool such as Perl or ASP for the data processing. From an architectural point of view, we will create two different Web pages—one straightforward HTML form for data entry, and one Cold Fusion template to actually do the database work and provide user feedback.

The HTML form for data entry requires no special effort.

We'll use a very simple database structure consisting of four data fields and a fifth key field, as shown in this table: Clearly, you could add many additional fields, but this works well enough for our purposes.

The next step is to build an HTML form that has elements for all of the database fields.

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