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is a free online web site and gaming community, established back in 2004, and designed just for girls.

You can also find out how to design your very own 3d characters! In 2014, more of us than ever, are now spending countless hours playing 3d simulation games like the Sims.

And as our technology improves, and our virtual online lives are becoming more merged with real world experiences, virtual reality games and 3d holographs are definitely going to be the next big thing, and word is that the vr oculus headset will be coming out soon!

Even ardent gaming fans have been slow to embrace VR. The content has been underwhelming, and the gear needed to do the job properly has been too cumbersome and expensive.We will keep you informed, and also bring you the buzz on what's happening right now out there in the virtual world.Now you can redesign or reinvent yourself online with a wide variety of avatar makers.Apart from a head-mounted display, with its high-resolution OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen, other necessary bits include a pair of handheld controllers (for signalling the user’s intentions) along with a couple of wall-mounted sensors (for tracking the user’s movement).Girlgamezone has been designed for girls and kids of all different ages.

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For those willing to wait until early 2018, costs could fall still further—as a new, even cheaper generation of VR headsets hits the market.

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