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“Obviously, I was wrong.”Enter Wendi Deng, a one-time waitress in a Los Angeles noodle parlour, with what Vogue describedas “the kind of looks usually reserved for a James Bond villainess”.The suspicions that surround Rupert’s dealings settled on the theory he married her to advance his Chinese business interests.Ever since she definitively split from Jagger 17 years ago, Jerry, a stalwart of the British celebrity interview circuit, has been insisting that she had no need for another man in her life.“I’ve got four children and that’s enough,” she told me a few years ago, “and I’ve got my own money and I’m still working, and I don’t need anyone telling me what to do.” Occasionally – as is Jerry’s way – she would say the exact opposite, bemoaning the unfortunate plight of women left to grow old alone.His first wife, Patricia Booker, a Melbourne airline stewardess, weathered disapproval from the Murdoch clan, only to be abandoned 11 years later for Anna Torv, a young Sydney journalist.Their marriage lasted over 30 years and seemed destined to go the distance – until Anna began lobbying Rupert to retire.

His wives have shaped his character, his life and, to some extent, his career, in ways that even Rupert doesn’t fully realise.” To many who have followed Jerry’s remarkable career, it seemed obvious that becoming Mrs Murdoch was merely the latest of her many re-inventions. Rupert, the product of a famously close and successful marriage, has never even pretended to enjoy being single.Michael Wolff, author of a recent biography of the tycoon, describes him as a man whose need for companionship and emotional security completely contradicts the ruthless, uncompromising approach he brings to business.Bill Wyman, the Stones’ ex-bass player, a guest at the wedding, still has a house nearby, and Mick Jagger, Jerry’s ex-husband, and his co-frontman, Keith Richards, are long-time regulars at the celebrated La Colombe d’Or restaurant.That Jerry chose a honeymoon destination so steeped in past associations – and that Rupert went along with it – offers an intriguing insight into the dynamics of their new marriage.

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So careful that Mick allegedly tried to reduce the size of her divorce payment by claiming that they had never been properly married, while Bryan, according to Jerry, once didn’t call her for a month while he was on a tour of the Far East “because he said it was too expensive”.

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