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Every time you send out a snap, your score is increased by a point.

And every time you open a snap, your Snapchat score also increases. In some cases, your score may suddenly increase or decrease.

But the intended definition is that it is the sum total of all snaps sent and received, which it is not. You can also see the scores of your friends and some public profiles.

Inorder to see the scores of your friends, swipe right on their name to start a conversation and click on the 3 lines adjacent to their name at the top.

Having established that, let’s take a look at how sending stories and texts affect the score.

A snap is a photo or video sent or received on Snapchat.I believe the major increase (by six points) in my score at the start of the experiment was because I haven’t used the app in a long time.It should be noted here that your score increases even if the recipient has not opened your snap.(Works better on Mac, PC or Laptops.) Let us know if it works for you.With about a billion snaps sent and received everyday, you can be sure a complex algorithm of sorts need to exist inorder to keep constant track of all the points accumulated by each and every Snapchat user. Snapchat Symbols – all the emojis and icons that you need to know. Save Snapchats – Learn how to save snapchats (videos, photos) to your phone or camera roll.

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