What is blind dating

Start by admitting that your clumsiness is a reason friends call you Bridget (Jones) and show that you can make a joke at your expense.Even though I hate such entertainment, I must admit that these programs reveal all human virtues and flaws.This list of blind date questions is created so you can get some ideas on what to talk about, but feel free to ask whatever you find appropriate.Just remember that the conversation should go both ways – allow him to ask questions too.If you need more inspiration, check out even more questions to ask a guy.One more thing, before you set off, get ready for both outcomes.

Blind date questions don’t have a focus on his hobbies and interests only, it can be a good thing to talk about something different.

Bring the mutual friend with you to create a relaxed atmosphere; go bowling or playing billiard.

If you are with the people you are both comfortable with, you will act more natural, there’ll be no nervousness and the friends will keep the conversation going.

Having a hobby is a long-term commitment and it can say a lot about someone’s personality.

You might discover that you share the same love for books, movies or music, which will open a completely new theme to talk about.

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