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By the time of the 1963 winter recess, 50 signatures were still needed.After the return of Congress from its winter recess, however, it was apparent that public opinion in the North favored the bill and that the petition would acquire the necessary signatures. and Malcolm X at the United States Capitol on March 26, 1964.It prohibits unequal application of voter registration requirements, racial segregation in schools, employment, and public accommodations.Powers given to enforce the act were initially weak, but were supplemented during later years.Back in Los Angles, Britney has been spotted hitting up the gym ready for her big comeback - and all of her hard work is paying off.Her manager, Larry Rudolph, recently told MTV that he felt the video for the new song is more than ‘just about the really two different Britneys.Kennedy called the congressional leaders to the White House in late October, 1963 to line up the necessary votes in the House for passage.

The legislation had been proposed by President John F.

Her spokesperson angrily denied the claims at the time, but explained today: 'Of course, there was a body double in there that she was fighting most of the time, which is where some confusion came in.

An act to enforce the constitutional right to vote, to confer jurisdiction upon the district courts of the United States of America to provide injunctive relief against discrimination in public accommodations, to authorize the Attorney General to institute suits to protect constitutional rights in public facilities and public education, to extend the Commission on Civil Rights, to prevent discrimination in federally assisted programs, to establish a Commission on Equal Employment Opportunity, and for other purposes.

Two days later, Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen and Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield both voiced support for the president's bill, except for provisions guaranteeing equal access to places of public accommodations.

This led to several Republican Congressmen drafting a compromise bill to be considered.

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