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Christopher Plummer, 87, is seen in a new trailer for All The Money In The World after replacing Kevin Spacey at the last minute to play oil tycoon J.

Paul Getty after Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct The reshoots, taking place in London and Rome, reportedly cost around million on top of the movie's original million budget.

In theater, where I spent most of my life, I’ve played all the great classic roles in England and North America, on Broadway and in Canada. Ridley Scott has said he wanted you first for the Getty part anyway.

Was that a hard decision to make then and has your perspective on it changed over the years? B.” That was sort of happening a little during and after. You see he was an immigrant, and really I think maybe he was scared.

Paul Getty in Ridley Scott’s “All the Money in the World.”In January, he spoke with me by phone from his winter home in Florida, on topics that ranged from Mr. There’s no privacy anymore, no mystery, it’s terrible. Although it’s terribly important that it is happening, I hope it settles down and that the women can bask in their victory.

Williams plays Getty III’s mother Gail Harris and Wahlberg is Fletcher Chase, the former CIA operative who tried to persuade Getty Sr to co-operate with the kidnappers’ demands.

To millions, Christopher Plummer will always be the dashing Captain von Trapp from the beloved 1965 classic “The Sound of Music,” even though Mr. One of the great moments of my life was getting to work with Elia Kazan. He changed the face of theater, promoting the new wave, with Brando, Montgomery Clift. So there’s a lot of wonderful things I remember about Gadge, which is what we called him. A lot of people did that because they were afraid, so they named names.

Plummer considered the part tedious and came to resent his immutable association with the film. Did you have any contact with Kevin Spacey after Ridley approached you for the role? I really didn’t want to know about all those negotiations and stuff, and first of all I didn’t have any time. So as hard as it is, it might seem pitiable in a way that someone with such authority and courage in the theater could be timid and scared about his position in the United States. If you knew Gadge, you couldn’t help but think the same way.

You worked on it with Elia Kazan around the time he testified for the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer Template: Post-nominals (born December 13, 1929) is a Canadian theatre, film and television actor.

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You don't say why because of the gossip, but of course it was really for something much more significant.' 'You can't tolerate any kind of behaviour like that': Director Ridley Scott revealed this week that he never told Spacey (pictured in 2015) he was fired and added that the actor never called him to discuss the situation It was claimed by The Hollywood Reporter that Plummer was the original choice for the role but studio executives wanted a bigger name, which is why Spacey came on board.

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