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He’s the founder of Smart Source LLC, a printing company, where he currently serves as president and CEO.When not in New York, Tom and Luann spend a lot time at his West Palm Beach home, where Dorinda Medley thinks they’ll get married.(Or if there is an annulment.) Count Alexandre de Lesseps is still alive and kicking.Ethiopian Review has obtained an exclusive photo of Ethiopian Princess Kemeria Abajobir and Count de Lesseps that was taken recently on the Count’s yacht.

In season 6 she was demoted to a recurring "Friend of the Housewives" role due to not living in New York City at the time of filming.Lu Ann de Lesseps was born as Luann Nadeau on the 17th of May 1965 and her current age is about 50 years old.She is an American TV personality, singer and model and was born as one of the six siblings to Pierre and Riana Nadeau.Ethio Planet’s inside source close to the Count confirmed the details in an email correspondence.The Ethiopian princess, and granddaughter of the King, is the niece of Ababiya Abajobir, another prominent man in the Oromo-Ethiopian community.

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