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“There’s the obstacle [with Isabelle],” Katherine says.“It’s the same thing with Clary and Alec’s relationship. PR: I'm very clumsy, so there's been a lot of times I've tripped in front of girls I'm in love with, or spilled food all over myself. If you want a chance to meet this handsome Prince, check out Verizon's nationwide Expo Tour, and enter to win the My Fabulous Quince contest!

Speaking with Hidden Remote, the 22-year-old actress explained that Clary’s scenes with Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) are there, but limited.

What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape.

Go to the source and start there” "I am from Britain and think it is right that as a woman I am paid the same as my male counterparts.

CG: If you see a pretty girl, how do you usually go about approaching her?

My friends and I were the class clowns in high school, so one day we were showing off at our seats and I fell off my chair!

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  1. In the Chapel people have reported seeing and hearing little children signing and feeling a weight pressing on their chest whenever they enter.