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Jack loves Namhla ,he wants the best for her , I think eventually they will get along would have being strange if the hit it off just like that I can't believe Wandi burned the shack boy must come out already for me i just think namhla wont tolerate jack for wanting to scheme the morokas and will be very protective of smanga which will make her and sphe rivals.she aint dt kind and jack would be disappointed.is a ganster again for real i saw weza&vuyo pictures when they were shooting night scenes @qavile those are the videos and pics I was talking about.Google Search Strings you can use While the old keyword “write for us” search can work wonders, after a while, your prospects will run dry, and this search string will yield few (if any) results.If you want to write for us find more information: Write For Us or Email Over 20 different categories ultimate list of 500 top quality blogs that accept guest posts Top 101 Marketing blogs that accept guest posts Top 16 Social media blogs that accept guest posts Top 35 Business blogs that accept guest posts Top 15 SEO blogs that accept guest posts Top 5 Content marketing blogs that accept guest posts Top 23 Entrepreneurship blogs that accept guest posts Top 15 Blogging blogs that accept guest posts Top 21 …Why can't there be a solid family whereby a man and a woman stay happily married or in a good relationship? I can bet Jack is responsible for Nandi being in a nut house .there is no way they can be happy [email protected] I also think that is the best solution ,then Sphe can do IVF will be bad for Smanga to sleep with another of Mazwi's wives .Nolwazi and Mazwi bore me to death ,their scenes are always not convincing [email protected] nolwazi deserve bad boy like tau/gadaffi/smanga typa guy..phiwe flopped when she was with mazwi bt came to life with smanga...i dnt know whats wrong with mazwi bt star quality dololo.must give nolwazi tau Mazwi is annoying and boring.

What does Smanga have on Tebogo that he finds himself back at Ezweni I wonder? Yep November is gonna rock, we just have to get through this dull spell first lol.Then a whole lot of relationships are gonna be ruined.Siphesihle's reaction to the solution was priceless, lol.The actress who will play nandi is brenda mhlongo from the lion king. @show-time it still doesn't make sense to me why Jack wants in with the Morokas so bad. I think this storyline was plotted before Connie decided to leave the show. And November is so far :(@Dezi when jack was introduced on generations they mentioned on #Move Magazine dt jack got family and dt his wife got personal vendetta with karabo.i think dt was the plot then conie ferguson why i said it was going to be lit karabo fighting jack with the help of tau..karabo departure killed everything.they still fixing [email protected] I get what you mean, Connie's departure caused some issues hey.She is HOT, i just hope she wont flop like ranthumeng on muvhango cos he was also apart of the lion king thing. Anyway I guess I could see Mazwi and Sphe falling in love but won't him marrying Nolwazi drive and even bigger wedge between them?

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