Why is dating so scary

In varying degrees, we all have specific emotions we try to suppress and hide from.It is also true that each one of us clings to certain emotions that are most familiar. Not only do you have to be concerned about getting your heart broken, but you also have to be worried about allowing a complete stranger into your personal life, your social circle and your home.You may think I'm referring to the horrors of online dating, but I am not. In my experience as online dating coach, I've seen that it is much riskier to meet someone using traditional dating avenues: bars, grocery stores, the office or at a party.

When we scrape it all away and acknowledge that all anger is a product of fear, we know what we are dealing with.Rejection Is Harder in Person -- It's been said that with great risk comes great reward and that has never been more true than in matters of the heart.If you cannot open up to someone or simply ask a person on a date knowing that there is a high probability you will be rejected, you will have a hard time finding true love. New Technology Gives Peace of Mind -- Two of the most common complaints I hear from online daters is that they are averse to giving out their phone number and they wish they could ensure the person they were chatting with online is real.In Part II of our series, Dating Is Scary, But Why?, we will explore why the idea of actually being with someone for the rest of your life might be even scarier!

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This has not been my experience personally or professionally.

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