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In 1960, these two companies merged and opened their first joint venture in Kannapolis. In the late 1980s, the company began to expand outside of the Carolinas under the leadership of Edward Dunn.

As of October 2017, 178 stores offered online pickup service, with some areas also offers a home delivery option for an additional cost.She asked to speak with a manager (remind you, I am on the phone the ENTIRE time), as she’s walking up, my nephew points her out and I can hear my sister ask that it was the manager that you had the encounter with. When in reality, this is why she went to the store to get Tina’s side of the story.Tina was asked if he looked familiar and asked what happened. Then, by my sister explaining to her what the mature thing to do was as well as setting an example and as a representative of HT, it was only right.She omitted that he had to dig in the trash to show her the receipt but when my sister asked where did the receipt come from, that is when she said that’s where he got it from. Tina gave this condescending apology to my nephew in which he wouldn’t fully understand what she was apologizing for and what he got from that apology was to “not look suspicious”.My sister asked if he was rude or disrespectful towards her and she said that he wasn’t. By this time I’m vexed over the phone but my sister kept her cool with this situation. Not looking for someone to be fired because I would hope that she has learned from this situation and think twice on how to approach people (even children/teens). After this found another small piece inside another chunk.

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