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I rarely want to open an app; I just want to take a note, call a car, or view my calendar alongside my to-do list.i OS always hid its widgets in the notification tray, where no one cared about them. Siri integration in i OS 10 is limited to just a few questions, but widgets are a place developers can really play.I spent my first hour unlearning things I've done for a decade.There are lots of small changes in Apple's mobile OS, and plenty of big ones, too.It's one of the best things about the new software, even if it is jumpy.If you fidget with your phone you'll see the screen turn on and off constantly, but there's something magical about taking my phone from my pocket and having the screen right there.I'm still not used to swiping right to left instead of up to reach the camera, which I do a zillion times daily.Swipe up to get to Control Center, and nothing is where it was in i OS 9.

Nothing major, just remap a gesture or swap a homescreen icon.

Swipe left to right and you're dropped in the widget screen, hands-down my favorite thing about i OS 10.

To my mind, widgets are the best thing about Android.

Messages is now a true platform for i Phone users, though it doesn't play nicely with Android. In another nice change, apps on i OS 10 are removable!

If you're an Android user, your i Phone-toting friends can't send you awesome drawings and crazy on-screen fireworks. The downside is, Apple packed the OS with more pre-installed apps.

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Oh sure, Home is a slick hub for all things Homekit that you'll probably use someday but have no use for now.

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