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The narrator is flawed, 78% omniscient, and skims over the sex scenes in fiction. "The thing about Heisenball," Paulie tells me with a grin on their face, "is that you can't win. The whole thing started because Alice found this guy sitting under a jacaranda, back before we knew what was happening. Hell yeah, check the word count, nine hundred more words of this and Tony can send it to some flash fiction web site. It tasted of summer twilight that lasted forever, and just a little bit of garlic. " she asks her husband in English and points at her plate.We used to think the trains, half wild and skittish, would be the most difficult part of our escape. He sat there in his wedding suit, purple flowers covering his head and shoulders like dandruff. I love you." He'd been left there by his wife, abandoned in the park, when the sickness hit in the middle of the ceremony. Son of a disgraced Russian nobleman and an industrious baker, Jax was born in Philadelphia, PA, on the fin de siecle, with a full set of false teeth.Monks had labored a thousand years to build it, directed by prophets who foretold the end of their world. For what purpose could there be in building an airship, if nothing lay beyond the ocean?If only the prophets had said how long the journey would take.There is a certain type of reality distortion field that these stories won't exactly share, but maybe almost.The airship was made of spider silk, and held aloft by prayer.

We thought it was an eclipse, at first--the way the sky darkened, how the sun faded into a shadow of itself--and we watched the heavens reflected in that stupid Italianate birdbath you adored, hand in hand as song birds went silent and the bees in your garden stopped buzzing. Her mind was ensnared, as per seven o'clock routine, by the grotesque symmetries of situation and resolution, the carefully-crafted simulation plugging itself into her cerebellum through the bare sockets of her eyes, the whirring circle of plot squaring itself in memetic resolutions, each frame carrying the genetic code to build an entire episode, an entire series, an entire world. For kicks, we asked him to kill the next person who walked through the door. I'm biased, I suppose, but that sounds too much like handing suiciders a gun and a mop. His parents refer to this as his job--the requirement for living inside the snow globe, where life is perpetually wonderful.The white rat looks forlorn, sitting on a pile of empty clothes. Apparently, Jeremy Turn, her assistant, was carrying the rodent snug in his breast pocket. But why did he strip, and where did he go, leaving his mascot behind?Turn never parts with his pet, which he calls "Lavoisier." Despite her aching knees, Professor Talbot chases the rat across the lab.Bishop Oyen wished that often, as he scanned the featureless ocean. Specifically the love that develops between a man, Ernest, and a woman, Bruce.Ernest identifies himself as definitely straight, but his physiological responses could be classified as 73% straight.

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