Youth dating games

You will need to know how many people you have in your group to plan for this youth group game.

Each person will receive three blow pop rings or candy necklaces when they enter the room.

Also, they are encouraged to introduce their parents to their dates and to plan group or double dates.

Dating should provide a way for the couple get to know each other while staying pure and virtuous.

Dining together allows young couples to interact socially while enjoying a meal.

Indulge your inner child by playing hopscotch, having water balloon fights or building a snowman. You should not have to spend a lot of money to have fun getting to know each other. Eating out can be fun when you go on a double date or large group.Participating in an activity brings you and your date closer together as you enjoy playing together. Join in a game of pickup basketball down at the park.Go ice skating during open rink hours at an indoor rink; or when it's cold enough, skate at an outdoor rink.Tell them that they cannot use the word "I" at all.If someone uses the word "I" when speaking to another person, the person who catches it gets one of the other person's rings or necklaces.

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Go out for coffee and dessert, and order a few different desserts to share.

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