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The government of Hyrule is a totalitarian regime (Hence the name Hyrule), with all power given to King Harkinian.

It was in a stagnant state of dictatorship, with the military constantly expanding their borders until Gwonam told King Harkinian to leave his dictatorship to spend time in Koridai.

Most of Zelda's responsibilities are trying to talk her father and Link out of their stupid ideas and then cleaning up after them.

She was appointed most of the tasks of ruling Hyrule when her father was deemed too incompetent.

Princess Zelda is the princess and daughter of the King of Hyrule.She, like Link, is excellent at swordplay and will not hesitate to threaten characters with her sword.During her childhood, she criticized the other girls in the High School to which they responded by raping her in the hallway.Their size varies from the size of a finger to a head, yet over 500 of them can comfortably be fit into a small bag.They are easily found all over the place to the point where you could buy Sealand just by taking a quick dive near the waterfall.

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